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Wydajność Energetyczna

Energy efficiency is defined as the ratio of the useful effect, whether in the form of a manufactured product, a completed process, or simply the effect of the work of some equipment, to the energy input required to carry out the planned activities. In the case of, for example, electric heating of a building, the energy efficiency will be the ratio of the generated heat to the electricity that had to be consumed. Improving energy efficiency is, in a nutshell, a much more efficient use of energy to carry out the same process.

As part of our programme, we want to promote methods and actions, as well as discuss good practices that will achieve the same results while reducing energy consumption, improving our energy efficiency for our mutual benefit. 

Who is

the Energy Efficiency programme aimed at?







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Why is it important?
Climate change
The emission of CO2 into the atmosphere results in increased global temperature, leading to global warming and melting of glaciers. This is why energy efficiency and limiting CO2 emission is a measure of taking care of our planet.
Why is it important?
Electricity costs
Prices for electricity are fixed and we have no way of changing them. However, an invoice for electricity includes many elements, and elimination of only one of them may allow you to save massively in a long run.
Why is it important?
Costs decrease
Energy efficiency means optimised energy usage, i.e. lower energy consumption and bills. It also reduces the risk of penalties imposed on manufacturing plants due to the reactive power present in their energy networks.
Why is it important?
Legal changes
EU standards, regulations in the way energy is obtained, the pursuit of a zero-emission economy, the “Power Market” introduced in Poland – all these motivate us to work on the idea of energy efficiency.


Mamy Inuticyjne Narzędzie

We monitor legislation changes which impact energy management, as well as analyse invoices and changes in electricity prices.

We use advanced algorithms and state-of-the-art technologies, keeping in mind the welfare of future generations, who would also like to use natural resources.   


Pobierz bezpłatny poradnik inteligentnego oszczędzania energii!

Odpowiedz na dwa pytania i zacznij planować oszczędne wykorzystywanie zasobów.

Who is

the Energy Efficiency programme aimed at?

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Check out our solutions for companies, institutions and organisations using a lot of energy, which introduced standard ISO 50001, plan to introduce the standard, or want to effectively manage energy consumption processes.

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Report from the energy efficiency improvement at company EMT Systems allowing you to see:

Case study

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Companies that have already joined the EE programme

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We use Smart Energy Optimisation Platform (IPOE) at our APA Black House headquarters. It is a tool that is constantly used for monitoring energy usage in our technological showroom. The implementation of IPOE has shown us that careful management of energy usage may bring noticeable savings in the long run. Starting from technical advice, through constant monitoring of energy consumption, assistance in difficult situations, flexible approach to customer expectations, to providing a solution of the highest quality – I wholeheartedly recommend IPOE as a professional and reliable platform supporting energy management.
Artur Pollak
President of the APA Group Management Board, with headquarters in Black House.
Our Cluster works with the Energy Efficient programme in the scope of taking joint actions in spreading the knowledge about energy efficiency. As an IOT-focused Cluster, we enable analysis of large amounts of data, proving the effectiveness of our actions. The programme is led by a team of qualified and experienced specialists, who in themselves are a fine advertisement for the energy efficiency idea. We can truly recommend the Energy Efficiency programme, especially to those who seek for a solid partner in economic management over energy usage.
Agnieszka Łasut
SINOTAIC Cluster Coordinator
Zrzut ekranu 2020-10-07 o 13.33.52
We help companies improve their efficiency and profits e.g. by introducing lean philosophy and a culture of constant improvements. I know from the experience of over 100 companies that where standard lean tools and methods end, this is where the field for analytical action under Energy Efficiency begins. That is why we are a partner in this programme – to promote conscious action to save energy and care for the climate.
Andrzej Krótki
President of the Management Board and Strategic Consultant, Lean to Win Sp. z o.o

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